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With the Rainbow Cleaning Service we offer natural cleaning with The power of Water Advantage.

Based on the principle that Wet Dust Can`t Fly, the Rainbow uses The Power of Water to effectively remove dirt and airborne particles from your home.

Rainbow is not just a vacuum cleaner, it is a way of life.
The advanced science behind the Rainbow system creates unrivalled levels of cleanliness and increased quality of life for anyone in a Rainbow cleaned environment.
It sounds ludicrous, but until you see a Rainbow perform and learn why ordinary vacuums spread dust around the environment, it may be hard to understand why traditional cleaning methods simply do not work.

Aerodynamics: Air in Motion

Moving air lifts dust, dirt and debris and whisks it into the Rainbow`s water bath.

Hydrodynamics: Water in Motion

Dirt and dust are trapped in a swirling water bath.

Fresh water- washed air is returned in your home.

Together, they give you a cleaner, healthier home.

Facilities cleaned with a Rainbow become virtually dust free environments, carpets get free from embeded dirt, air conditioning maintenance is dramatically reduced due to decreased levels of airborne dust and grease, soft firnishings last considerably longer and electricity usage is much lower compared to traditional vacuum cleaners.

The only real way to see the benefits is through discounted first cleaning session where you will be amazed at the results.

During the cleaning session you could see the system in action.

We could also recommend a custom cleaning schedule for your place.

To book your cleaning service please click here.

Please note:

* There is a minimum requirement of 3hrs per cleaning visit for Rainbow Cleaning Service
* Cleaning materials could be provided at an additional fee
- Green Cleaning Materials, £25 per set


* £20 per hour per person

/ Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Included/


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